Back Up Your Stuff!

Remote Data Backups Protect Your Most Valuable Asset… Your Data! What would you do if you suddenly lost your data? How much would it cost to recover? Would your business survive? We now provide the most cost effective, reliable, secure and convenient way to automatically back up your mission critical data offsite every night. Start your FREE 30-day backup trial, and learn more » (No credit card required, no obligation, full-featured service) Enjoy peace of mind knowing if the unexpected happens (systems crash, virus, data corruption, fire, flood, theft, sabotage, human error, etc.), your data is secure offsite at our … Continue reading

Computer Problem

Causes of Computer Problems Every computer has problems. A computer problem can be caused by a hard drive that is too full, a virus that you might have downloaded, spyware that may have been installed from a pop up that you clicked on that could have been harmful. Sometimes a computer runs into problems just because of the basic wear and tear that comes along with age. If you are having PC computer problems there are a number of reasons. Sometimes there are major hardware problems and sometimes simple maintenance that you can do yourself is the answer. Usually a … Continue reading

A New Virus Killer – Malware and PC System Repair – Ultra Virus Killer

There is new weapon to to remove PC Malware, Spyware and Virus infections from your computer desktop, laptop and netbook. The name of this new addition to fighting Computer Malware is Ultra Virus Killer, also known as UVK, which is a free software which has many troubleshooting utilities which allows users to detect and removes Viruses, Trojans, Rootkits, Malware and spyware from your Computer. You may get a free download of Ultra Virus Killer

5 Basic Steps for Troubleshooting any Computer Failure

This article will tell you about PC, Personal Computer, problems troubleshooting. So, how can you learn to do this by yourself? The fundamentals of PC troubleshooting can be divided into five steps. You can use this as a basic guide that can be used for any problem in computers that you may face. Most experts will tell you that these five steps will not explain the entire troubleshooting process and they are right. I will not teach you how to repair computers on a professional level instead I will tell you how this process works, how you can master this … Continue reading

Basic Computer Training Skills from the Internet

Computer Training Skills A person who has attended some PC basics training can acquire PC (Personal Computer) skills quicker, by taking online free PC lessons. Internet is an advantageous tool for everyone, it can not only help in conducting business, but it is also helpful in all areas of life. There are many websites which provide free online computer courses. Some colleges and universities provide computer-mastering programs online. They send out the lessons by email. In order to join online free PC lessons an individual should have fundamental knowledge of computer. When taking internet tutorials, make sure that you have … Continue reading

Mastering Computers with the Help of You Tube

PCs are gaining a great popularity these days. Everything becomes computerized electronics and in these modern times it is a common fact that people do business with their computer, using the internet or shopping online. In order to perform any job or even organize your life be in touch with your friends and family, you should master the basics of PC, the Personal Computer. Perhaps you are acquainted with computer basics, but there are people who do not have such knowledge. For some people PCs are mysterious things which seem to them too complex. You should learn the basics. Have … Continue reading

How to Work Facebook

How Can an Internet Marketer use different Facebook pages> Originally only available to Harvard college students, Facebook was launched in 2004.Today it has grown to a company that has over 750 million users and has a revenue of over 2 billion annually . It is the second most popular website on the internet and so the potential for marketing is massive . Facebook earns most of its revenue through banner advertising but in this article about how to work facebook I will not be looking at advertising directly but instead the free methods that can be used to develop your … Continue reading

Buying Desktop Server Computer Parts

There are people who prefer not to buy a prebuilt desktop computer and would rather fit their PCs by themselves. This point is very considerable if your job requires you to have some special hardware part specification. For example, persons involved in graphics need the best video card to be used on their computers, as well as really considerable memory necessary for RAM. Due to these reasons, many people do their best to find the best and the most convenient computer parts that they will use on machines at their work. Indeed, you should be aware that building own desktop … Continue reading

Medical Transcription: A Viable Work At Home Career

Are there really viable work at home jobs out there? This is a question that I’m asked almost daily. The fact is, there are most definitely careers that can be done from your home and there are people who are actually successful in those jobs. One of the fastest growing industries happens to be one that can be done from home: Medical Transcription. A Growing Industry Medical Transcription/Billing is an industry that is exploding. It’s prestigious and in demand. According the the U.S. Department of Labor, “Employment of medical transcriptionists is projected to grow faster than the average for all … Continue reading

Why Do I Need a Firewall?

Very many Internet users in the issue of computer security are limited to installing anti-virus. But in addition to viruses which recently are not very common the Internet is full of different plague eagerly trying to settle on your computer. Judge yourself: trojans, worms, backdoors, exploit, Hack Tool, constructor, bad-joke, and of course the hackers themselves (meaning the direct attack on the computer type of DDos (DDoS, the programs of this type can attack on the remote servers sending them numerous requests, leading to a denial of service if the attacked server resources are insufficient to handle all the incoming … Continue reading

Does a Computer Need an Alternating Current Voltage of 220 Volts?

One of the ironies of the PC lies in the fact that it needs the constant current for normal work, and AC current of 220V is supplied to the input of the power supply unit (PSU). It is clear: where do we take the direct current, only from the normal AC power bringing it to the desired condition. Therefore, all the work to transform the current “puts on the fragile shoulders of” PSU. What is a modern power supply unit? The average power of modern PSU is from 300 to 500W. PSU produces the following voltage: • basic stable +5 … Continue reading

Windows: Where to Place the Temp Folder?

Temp folder is needed in an operating system: it is used as storage for temporary files – during the installation of the programs the software distribution is decompressed to, and it stores temporary files of programs during the work of the installed programs. The fragments of MS Word documents or other documents are also there. All of this should be deleted in itself, but the temporary files become permanent, and the Temp folder begins to spread quietly. Can I delete the folder Temp? – No, it is not necessary to delete the folder itself. It is necessary to remove its … Continue reading

Offer Your Organization Low Cost IT Support

IT Support We provide a comprehensive range of IT services for businesses and organizations ensuring your IT is cost-effective, fit-for-purpose and safe from harm. We genuinely strive to understand your organization – listening first and finding solutions second – providing IT services to support and maintain your future growth and success. This methodical approach enables us to align our IT services with your business processes and consistently position your technology and IT systems for optimum performance and efficiency. Traditional IT services vs. Proactive IT services Our unique set of IT services are designed to eliminate downtime and maximise availability and … Continue reading

Simple Desktop Security

The world is getting more and more online, one of the downsides has been the continuous spreading virus. These threats to your desktop computer can result in potentially serious damage to your data as well as your privacy. With so many dangers and risks to keep an eye out for brought to our attention, along with apparently greater use of technical verbiage, the whole business can very easily feel a bit overbearing. This article aims to explain and clarify in a non-technical way some of the main computer threats that are good to be informed about today. The main parts … Continue reading