Tablet Samsung GALAXY Tab Will Make Your Dreams Come True

Tablet Samsung GALAXY Tab will make your wildest dreams real! This device gives new opportunities to those who value an active and progressive lifestyle. Its creation is focused on mobility and ease of communication. The thin plate is properly integrated into your everyday style, its 7-inch display (ideal combination of compactness and functionality) will please the image quality. Weight is only 380 g of new items, it perfectly fits in the palm of your hand, and can work with it all day long.

Complete Internet navigation
Support for Flash 10.1 in combination with screen opens the door into the bright world of interactive Web technologies. From now nothing prevents you visit sites that use Flash 10.1 technology in interactive games, animations, web applications and presentations. Fully compatible with the majority of Internet protocol networking capabilities prints GALAXY Tab to the next level!

Bookstore Samsung is an integrated solution for reading e-books, magazines and newspapers. A wide choice of books (more than 60 000 books and 13 000 authors) will satisfy even the most discerning reader. Tablet-sized book GALAXY Tab is perfect for reading: its screen is big enough to read without compromising the view, but at the same time it is very light and mobile. User receives an instant GALAXY Tab – one touch! – access to your favorite literary works. Add new titles and get maximum enjoyment from reading e-books! Wonderful World of Multimedia.

New plays videos with a resolution of Full HD (1080p) display with a diagonal 7 allowing you to watch movies with maximum comfort and impeccable quality. 5.1 surround sound technology complements the impression as if carrying you to the cinema hall. Integrated Music Store service Samsung will provide new opportunities for users GALAXY Tab: never before buying music was not so convenient and easy! Just one click will give you access to more than 800 000 music tracks, the latest hits, classic albums, or the hottest new items. Convenient search by artist, genre and names guarantees instant access to the desired composition in your music library.

Large 7 screen displays all the attractions and sights. You just need to put the camera on the street and the screen will identify the nearest café, shops, ATMs, parking. Historical facts, information about restaurants and local attractions will add bright colors to any journey, making it richer and more interesting. GALAXY Tab will not interfere in the business travel: compact tablet should not take the road of excess space but will help to avoid embarrassing surprises and save your time. Moreover, it will be enough just one touch to find required contact numbers and services.

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