Promotional Adveritisng – Understanding Color Coding And Website Design

Learning on-line promotional advertising can only be considered 2nd nature because one needs to learn the simple necessities of creating a completely functional web site before it can be promoted. Understanding computer programming languages can be kept to a minimum. It is not required to understand them all, nor in-depth. The basics will be adequate for the regular on line business proprietor.

There are three that should be studied for website design and they are HTML, CSS, and PHP. People generally cringe when they hear computer programming and shy away from what is an important part of the business. Computer programming is considered a tool of the trade and should be given huge respect because it is the main foundation to a flourishing on line business.

CSS is a computer programming language that provides style to your site, everything from assorted colors, images, margins, and borders. Think of CSS as make-up for your internet site. Sure, web sites could exist without much styling or customization but then the net will be incredibly dull. Do not presume that CSS is something you will never need. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than having quality web site content masked by a worthless, ugly layout and design.


Colors are represented in the CSS language through unique sets of what are known as color codes. You may well not have realized it, but you have probably come across these codes at some point in your web travels. For those that don’t comprehend CSS, do a search on the web for CSS color code finder/picker.


Now that you understand the colors, let’s learn a little more about the layout structure. Next to HTML, CSS is possibly the next simplest language to learn and understand. In a short period of time you will learn a sizable portion of the language. For those that require help, do a search on CSS primers and introductions for beginners.

After studying HTML and CSS, you can have enough knowledge to develop a web site that looks and functions ultimately as you would like. In fact, if you’re ready to test out some code on a web site, do so. The best way to learn both HTML and CSS is by actually doing it in day-to-day situations.

Once you feel that you have mastered each one, ask yourself: “Do I Understand”?

CSS color codes
The overall CSS syntax (layout structure)
The basics of headers and footers
How CSS can be combined with HTML and the types of things that can be done with the combinations.

Once you have accomplished these 2 programming languages, it can be time to move on to the next and that being PHP. There are other languages such as Java, Perl, and Python for examples, but PHP probably is the most commonly used.

You don’t need to learn every programming language, but you need to learn the basics of the most popular ones. Learn the names of the best ones and then try and identify which one is best suited for particular tasks. As you learn, take the significant things that standout the most and put them close, such as your desktop. This will let you to recover the information more readily for future needs.

In conclusion:

Learning the basics of various computer programming languages is important for a business owner. Not only is it cost efficient, but will allow for creativeness in a timely manner and aid in the design of a completely functional web page.

Once the basic languages have been accomplished, it is possible for the business owner to move on to the next level. Understanding web design will aid the business owner on many levels such as the development of web pages to advertising strategies which will eventually create more traffic to a business.

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