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Today we will speak about tablet PC. They become popular every day. Before the appearing of the tablet PCs, a laptop was a synonymous of the mobile computer. But was it always easy to use? Even the most portable models should be set to work on a certain surface whether the surface of the table or on the laps of the user. Try standing up, holding the laptop in the air, to type a sentence or two. After several attempts, you will probably use a paper notebook and pen, and put aside the input of the information into the computer till more comfortable conditions.

Tablet PC or an electronic tablet is a kind of computers equipped with the touch screen. That is the primary means of the data input.

You can enter the data in the Tablet PC by “writing” them it a special stylus or your finger directly on the monitor, and not trying to track printed characters, but just as if you would do it in a paper notebook.

Moreover, you can simply dictate the information into the microphone of the Tablet PC and the corresponding software will easily translate it into a plain text. Wireless access to local computer networks will help immediately to pass the information for its intended purpose, or to request the necessary data, including from the Internet.

In terms of design the tablet PC is a display under which the element base of ordinary modern notebook is hidden: the processor, hard drive, random access memory and modules of the wireless access. Some models have their own keyboard. However, at that they are almost indistinguishable from the laptops. By the way with other models you can use only external keyboard and mouse. There is also a tablet, which allows you to work with a stylus or a finger without any additional hardware.

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